Why choose 44-Max?


Everything comes down to price when you are dealing with cards.

Card grading is an investment.   You pay for the grading and hopefully your card is worth more than you paid for it.

The problem with PSA is when the cost with shipping is close to $25 per card, the cost of your card + grading fee can exceed the value of the card.

If you paid $10 for a card.   Spend $25 to get it graded.  You now own that card for $35.   If the card has a market value of $18, you waited a year to lose $17.   Not a smart investment.

That is why our service makes sense.   We don't grade high dollar cards.  We grade cheaper cards, and lower grade cards.

Customers are not going to send us Nolan Ryan rookies and we don't want to grade them.

We want to grade your 1991 Topps Nolan Ryan.

Spending $2.00 with us per card can take your cards that have no value and make them sellable.   If those cheaper cards can earn an 8 or a 9, you can sell them for $4 to $5 where previously, getting 50 cents would be difficult.

Having an independent 3rd party establish a grade allows the buyer to make a more comfortable decision about purchasing your cards.

We want to grade the cards that are not worth sending to PSA.

Cards that have a graded value that is less than $20 is where our service makes the most sense for you as a collector and seller of cards.