How to Submit

Submitting your cards is easy.   

1. No Card Holders (save you time and money)

2. Cards are to be placed in a team bag.   We suggest 2 common cards (throw away cards on the top and bottom of your submissions.   Do not overstuff the bag.  Mark the common cards with an X so we know not to grade them.

 3. Wrap your team bags in bubble wrap and use a box to ship your items.  Do not use a padded mailer.

4. Include a printed or hand written list of your cards.  Please make sure your cards are in order according to your list.  (When we receive your cards we will check them in against your list.  If there is anything missing we will contact you right away.)

5. Include a copy of your PAID invoice for the amount of cards you are submitting.   That invoice should have your phone number and email address on it.   If it does not please write it on there.   

6.  We suggest UPS, if you use USPS please use Signature Confirmation.

Mail your submission to 
510 E Barnard St
Suite 57
West Chester PA 19382

7. Your cards will be returned to you by UPS with signature required.

9. Each card you submit will be returned in a Card Saver holder.  They will have a graded, tamper proof label.  Each card will be inside an unsealed team bag as shown below.  The team bag prevents the holders from being scratched.
Your cards will be carefully packed and shipped in a solid box.