Grading Scale

We use the standard trading card scale that was around long before PSA.

10 = Gem Mint

You won't see many of our cards graded at Gem Mint 10.   We aren't in the Gem Mint business.   We have seen many card grading services pop up with the sole intention of giving out 10s to cards that are NM-MT.   If you think your card has a chance to be Gem Mint then you should send it to PSA.   Only cheap commons should be sent to us for grading if you think its Gem Mint.

9 = Mint

8 = NM-MT

7 = NM

6 = EX-MT

5 = EX

4 = VG-EX

3 = VG

2 = Good

1 = Poor

A = Authentic.   If a card is below a 1 or has been altered it will be identified as a real card only.